Data Practices

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Best practices for data management and analysis varies greatly depending on your data and analysis requirements. If you are working with level 3 data or higher, you will have to provide a data usage agreement with the data provider. Please see our sample Level 3 Data Usage Agreement as a reference. This is boilerplate text that can be used if the provider requires detailed information about how the data will be handled. Please note that this is provisional and you should always confirm the details before you sign any agreement. If you are unsure what level your data falls under, please review this page on data security:

We encourage HBS researchers with large datasets to contact Research Computing Services ( for a one-on-one customized review of your data including techniques and tricks that can be used to enhance and expedite your research. We have compiled some general information about best practices, efficiency, and strategies on working with data on the Research Grid, found on the pages in this section.

We strongly suggest you review the Recommended Reading on our Other Resources page.