Introduction to R Graphics with ggplot2


Friday, October 9, 2020, 1:00pm to 2:30pm


Online via Zoom - meeting info to follow


PLEASE NOTE: This workshop is being delivered in a FLIPPED CLASSROOM format. This means that participants will be responsible for working through the online materials at their own pace IN ADVANCE of the scheduled meeting time. During the scheduled meeting time, the instructor will demonstrate how to complete the example exercises and will be available to answer questions related to the workshop materials. The instructor WILL NOT walk through all the online materials during the scheduled meeting.

This hands-on workshop provides an introduction to the popular ggplot2 R graphics package. It will cover how to create a wide variety of graphical displays in R, using techniques such as layering, mapping variables to aesthetics, working with scales, faceting, and themes. This is an intermediate-level workshop appropriate for those who have been using R for at least a few weeks. You should be familar with all of the material in the R Introduction workshop and have used these skills in your own projects.

This workshop will be delivered by the Data Science Services group at IQSS in partnership with the HBS Research Computing Services group. Please email Steve Worthington <> with questions.


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