Introduction to Version Control with Git & Gitkraken


Friday, September 6, 2019, 9:30am to 12:30pm


IQSS - CGIS Knafel building, Room K018


Version control software allows you to save “versions” of files -- scripts, text files, web pages, data, etc. -- which show the changes that were made to the files over time, and allows you to backtrack if necessary and undo those changes. The ability alone – of being able to compare two versions or reverse changes, makes it fairly invaluable when working on larger projects. Even more so when collaborating in research groups.

This hands-on workshop will take you through the steps of using git and Github, to track changes, revert to older versions, and share your files with other people. Ultimately, to keep you organized, to reduce the clutter, and maintain an inteilligible history of files in your projects.

Audience: Harvard Faculty, Students, and Staff are all welcome.
Pre-Requisites: For the GUI class, this workshop is appropriate for those with little or no prior experience using Git, GitKraken, or Github. Some familiarity is helpful. For the command-line class, this workshop is appropriate for those with some prior experience using the Unix command line: in particular navigating the filesystem and using basic commands like cat, head, and nano.

Cost: none
Late Drop/Cancel Fee: none

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