Research Data Management Training Materials Available

August 1, 2019
RCS recently partnered with Research Staff Services and Baker Knowledge and Library Services to provide incoming Research Associates with a new training on the Research Data Management (RDM) lifecycle. The training covered best practices for research projects from planning for data acquisition to data archiving. Materials from the training, including slides and handouts, are ... Read more about Research Data Management Training Materials Available

Better Data Communication

July 26, 2019

Members of the RCS team recently participated in Harvard’s Analytics Staff Consortium (ASC) event “Better Data Communication,” presented by Jon Schwabish, a leader in the area of policy-relevant data visualizations.

Dr. Schwabish outlined actionable and practical tips for visualizations and presentations that focus on

  1. ...
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New Tip from the RCS Stats Team

January 16, 2019

Treatment effect commands in Stata

For researchers who are working with observational data and are interested in causal effects, Stata has a set of treatment effect commands that can help. Among these commands, there is a particular interest in matching. How do these commands work? This blog shows you some examples of some of these commands, and how to replicate them step by step: https://...

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New Tip from the RCS Data Team

October 25, 2018

The Power of EXPLAIN 

The EXPLAIN statement is a very useful tool in SQL databases to help users better understand what's going on in queries and where to apply tweaks. For example, the output of EXPLAIN can help you decide where to add indexes and can quickly remedy slow queries by telling you the join type, the possible indexes to choose vs. the index actually chosen, the estimate of rows to be examined, etc.

How do you use EXPLAIN?

Simply put the keyword EXPLAIN in front of...

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