RCS Now Using Saba Training Portal

February 23, 2018
We'd like to announce that RCS will start to utilize Saba, or the Harvard Training Portal. This change is due to Saba's ease of self-registration, the ability to consolidate all research computing training across the university, and the convenience of tracking the history of previous courses. 

The Portal also features trainings from the Center for Workforce Development,, and the IT Academy. Please note that the Portal is only accessible to current members of the Harvard community.

We will be making this transition into the Fall of 2018. For more information,... Read more about RCS Now Using Saba Training Portal

Spring 2018 Compute Grid Training Dates

February 8, 2018
If you've recently requested a grid account, we'd like to remind you that compute training attendance is mandatory within the first two months of account creation. NOTE: If you are a guest collaborator on the grid, please keep expect to see an invitation for a training webinar in the coming weeks. The training will cover integrated technologies of the grid, job information/control, and choosing resources efficiently. Please email us if you are able to attend any of the hour long sessions below:

... Read more about Spring 2018 Compute Grid Training Dates

Spring 2018 Hands-on Workshop Dates

February 8, 2018

In partnership with Harvard IQSS, these hands-on workshops are offered to help researchers improve both organizational and analytical skills, and produce quality work. The workshops are free and are open to all Harvard and MIT affiliates. They will be held at Harvard main campus, on 1737 Cambridge Street - CGIS Knafel Building in Room K018. For more information or to register, click on the links below (registration is required).

Friday 2/9, 9:30am -...

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