New Harvard Research Data Management Guide

March 14, 2019

Research data are an important asset to our University and our researchers. In order to promote Harvard’s own research growth, and to promote access to more and better-quality data, that are well-managed and easily usable within and across research groups, Harvard has launched a new website, Research Data Management @ Harvard (

This includes bringing useful data to Harvard to be available for internal research, making data from Harvard researchers available to others, providing the appropriate resources and tools to support the data lifecycle, encouraging best practices while working with data, and ensuring compliance with internal and external data policies and regulations. RCS is working with the research data management (RDM) working group to inform bidirectionally information, efforts, training, and best practices, as we want to support robust RDM and documentation practices that ensure long term-access and re-use of Harvard research data. If you have any questions, please contact first the appropriate contacts listed on the website, or RCS.