RCS Presents

In this monthly lunchtime training series, RCS staff and guest speakers discuss topics that can be used to enhance one's research, with a focus on research methods, statistical approaches, and computing tools or workflows.

Introduction to Multi-Level Modeling

In social science research, we often have panel data (multiple units with repeated observations for each unit).  We often wonder which panel data models to use.  Most economists prefer fixed effect models.  Sometimes people use multi-level models.  In this talk, Xiang talks about multi-level models: what are they, when should we use them, and why. Read More

Causal Inference Series

This series of technical seminars and workshops introduces principles of causal inference for randomized experiments and observational studies. We discuss the potential outcomes framework and, through its lens, give an overview of modern quasi-experimental methods, including regression and matching. We also practice implementation in R. Read More

Intermediate SQL Topics

Moving beyond basics, this seminar introduces new skills to improve and accelerate your research: importing/exporting data, altering your database structure, "views" for common queries, and optimizing queries with indexes, and other features. Read More