Stata is a statistical system that includes capabilities for estimating time series, panel data, systems of equations, multinomial logit, and other models common in econometrics. It handles instrumental variable estimation and includes methods for dealing with heteroskedasticity and autocorrelated errors. It is an interactive system that includes graphics, and it is useful for exploratory data analysis. It also includes an extensive set of commands for survival analysis and for analyzing survey data.

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Introduction/Data Management in Stata

This class will provide a hands-on introduction to Stata and introduce common data management techniques You will learn how to navigate Stata’s graphical user interface, create log files, and import data from a variety of software packages. Data management topics covered include basic data manipulation commands such as: recoding variables, creating new variables, working with missing data, and generating variables based on complex selection criteria. Read More.

Regression and Graphing in Stata

This hands-on class will provide a comprehensive introduction to graphics in Stata. Topics for the class include graphing principles, descriptive graphs, linear regression, factor variables, and post-estimation graphs. This is an introductory workshop appropriate for those with only basic familiarity with Stata. Read More.