Workshop Materials

HBS Compute Grid Training

  • PDF of slide deck

Introduction to R

R Graphics with ggplot2

Regression Models in R

Basic R Programming and Analysis

Introduction/Data Management in Stata

Regression and Graphing in Stata

Introduction to Python

Introduction to Web Scraping with Python

Using APIs with Python

Introduction to Unix

Version Control with Git/GitKraken

Introduction to Structure Data, Databases, and SQL

Multiple Approaches to Merging Data: SQL & Interfacing with other Applications (DataFest)

Brown Bag: Amping Up Your Research with the (Compute) Grid

  • PDF of slide deck

Brown Bag: Managing and Effective Use of Data in Databases

  • PDF of slide deck

Lunch & Learn: Your Unix Cheat Sheet

Lunch & Learn: How much RAM? How many CPUs?

  • PDF of slide deck

Lunch & Learn: Parallel Processing

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